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Engineering & Architecture

Learn how Garsilli helps Engineers and Architects optimize their projects.

Engineers and Businesspeople

Optimize your Data Collection

Use aerial data collection to save time and money. Minimize downtime and crew conflicts by using drone photography and videography for your next project.


Access any Location from the Sky

Access hard-to-reach locations using advanced drone technology. Get impactful visual data on any structure for condition inspections.

Bridge Construction

Inform Stakeholders and Owners

Use drones to collect aerial photos and videos that are perfect for keeping owners, shareholders, and stakeholders well informed about any project.

Drone Services for Engineers

Engineers have extensive obligations in the field, as well as in the office. It can be difficult to juggle both responsibilities and using technology to optimize engineers' field obligations can be extremely beneficial. When engineers make field visits, it's important that they make the most out of their time. Using drones can maximize the effectiveness of field visits and allow engineers to gather valuable visual data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.


Gone are the days of manually inspecting every square foot of a building's facade using expensive scaffolding, or slowly inspecting every girder of a bridge from a man lift. Engineers see the value in working smarter, not harder by reducing the manual labor that is required in the field. Using drone technology, inspections are always fast and simple. Our drones are equipped to access hard-to-reach and dangerous locations and can thoroughly and accurately collect valuable visual data for inspection reports and job site walkthroughs.

Our FAA Licensed drone operators work closely alongside engineers in order to gather 4K photos and video of any building or structure. Garsilli Drone specializes in working on engineering projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. Maximize your efficiency and cost-effectiveness with Garsilli's custom-tailored photography and videography services for engineers.


Get in Touch

Contact Garsilli Drone to discuss your next project. Explore how aerial photography and videography can help gather valuable visual data for any project and generate social media-ready marketing imageryfrom a bird's eye view.

Leveraging Drones in Architecture

Architects require accurate visual data from hard-to-reach locations for their projects using specific angles and unique points of view. Using traditional photography methods can often yield mediocre results and usually doesn't embody the original vision of the architect. Using drone photography unlocks new possibilities for architects with applications for pre-construction site photos, project renderings, project overviews, post-project site photos, and much more. Using the versatility of drones, architects can capture 4k aerial photos and videos of just about anything they can imagine, taking their projects to the next level. 

Thermal inspection services can help architects collect valuable temperature data for their projects. By capturing infrared photos, architects can locate thermal breaks, cracks, and moisture infiltration within a structure. Leveraging thermal drone data can also assist architects in determining the efficiency rating and heat loss of buildings.

Garsilli Drone partners with architects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. Our FAA Licensed drone operators work with architects to create targeted solutions for any project. Garsilli also provides editing services to perfectly package visual data for presentation to owners and project stakeholders.

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