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Drone photo overview of Outdoor Dinning in long island, new york

Outdoor Events

Learn how Garsilli Drone provides exceptional aerial photography and videography services for any outdoor event.

Aerial drone photo of outdoor event in long island, new york

Capture Your Next Event From The Sky

Garsilli Drone provides high-quality aerial photography and videography for any outdoor event. Capture stunning aerial footage for weddings, engagements, family and corporate events, and much more.

Family at Outdoor Event in long island, new york

Offer Aerial Footage Add-Ons To Your Clients

Expand your existing service packages by offering profitable aerial footage add-ons to your clients. Offer a wide array or aerial imagery options to compliment your existing services.

drone photo of outdoor assembly in long island, new york

Upgrade Outdoor Events

Document your next event from a bird's eye view. Receive edited photos and videos of the outdoor event ready to be posted to social media.

Drone Services for Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can oftentimes be large, sprawling, and difficult to visualize. With traditional photography, it can oftentimes be difficult to capture the scale of an event. Additionally, for some outdoor events, it can be difficult to access the best points of view on the ground making points of view appear stagnant and repetitive.

Garsilli Drone understands the complexities of outdoor events and the limitations of traditional photography in capturing them. In order to rectify this, we take to the sky and capture any event using powerful drones equipped with high-quality cameras. Our drones are able to capture 4K photos and video of any event from thousands of feet away, allowing for a non-intrusive way of imaging the event, so guests will never be disturbed.

Garsilli Drone specializes in operating at outdoor events in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We capture events such as school assemblies, sports events, bar-mitzvahs, birthdays, concerts, weddings, fairs, and just about any other outdoor event you can think of. Our services provide a unique perspective for any outdoor event and are a wonderful way to remember every detail just like it was the day it happened.

Aerial Services for Event Planners and Professionals

Garsilli Drone is proud to work alongside event professionals of all kinds who are experts in their craft. We offer a wide variety of aerial imagery options to event planners, photographers, and professionals to help them expand the types of services that they offer. Clients see the value in capturing stunning aerial images and edited videos of their events, which helps increase client satisfaction and the chance of recurring orders. 

Garsilli Drone works with a variety of event professionals, such as event planners, DJs, talent managers, event coordinators, photographers, venue managers, and many more. We work tirelessly to help these outdoor event professionals capture stunning visuals from a bird's-eye-view. Garsilli Drone specializes in capturing aerial footage for events located in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Event professionals not only use our aerial drone services as an option for clients but also use them as marketing content for their own businesses. Garsilli Drone's stunning aerial packages help provide event professionals with social media and website-ready content. Our clients help use our services to expand the reach of their social networks and help market their businesses using top-of-the-line aerial marketing imagery.

Aerial drone photo overlooking trees and lake in long island, new york

Get in Touch

Contact Garsilli Drone to discuss your next event. Explore how aerial photography and videography can help capture a unique perspective of any outdoor event, and generate social media-ready marketing content from a bird's eye view.

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