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Private Investigators

Learn how Garsilli Drone helps private investigators leverage aerial imagery to optimize their projects


A Reliable Aerial Partner for Private Investigators

Garsilli strives to provide reliable aerial imagery services to private investigators, allowing them to capture high-quality photos and video from the sky.

Aerial View of Old City

Access More Locations and Build Cases

In the private investigation, many locations are difficult to access from the ground. It can be difficult to pursue a case with these physical obstructions in place. Garsilli expands the reach of private investigators, eliminating access concerns and helping them close cases faster


Accurate and Cost-Effective Data Collection

Garsilli Drone coordinates closely with private investigators, adhering to mission objectives while conducting aerial operations. Leveraging Garsilli proves time and time again to be a cost-effective and useful tool for PI's.

Aerial View of a Drone

Get in Touch

Contact Garsilli Drone to discuss your next aerial imagery project with us. Explore how aerial photography and videography can help streamline your operations, and gather valuable visual data from a bird's eye view.

Using Drones for Private Investigations

Private investigators often work on a variety of difficult projects for their clients. The nature of their work often requires them to survey inaccessible locations to gather visual evidence for court cases or private clients. In order to conduct surveillance, verify information, and locate missing individuals, private investigators are increasingly using drones to gather valuable aerial imagery for their cases.

Garsilli Drone provides private investigators with another tool to further their investigations and close cases efficiently. Using aerial photography and videography, Garsilli Drone can effectively capture 4K aerial imagery in order to complete project objectives. Our drones have substantial battery time, allowing us to stay in the air and collect valuable visual data to close cases. Garsilli Drone's unmanned aerial systems are outfitted with top-of-the-line optical sensors which allow it to capture 4K photos, video, and infrared photos at the same time. Garsilli drone's zoom camera allows for 200x max zoom, which allows us to capture every detail from thousands of feet away.

Garsilli Drone always provides private investigators from the beginning of the case right up until the end. If the case should continue to court, Garsilli Drone offers the option for our operators to testify about their involvement in aerial photography operations. Garsilli strives to provide useful aerial services to PI's and helps expand their reach in locations that are difficult to access.

Garsilli Drone partners with private investigators operating in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our FAA Part 107 Licensed drone operators are experienced in capturing the perfect shot for any project.

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