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Drone photo of a couple after getting married overlooking mountains in new york

Weddings, Engagements & Proposals

Learn how Garsilli Drone provides exceptional aerial photography and videography services for weddings, engagements, proposals, and other events.

Outdoor drone photo of a couple before getting married

Capture your Special Moment

Memorialize your event forever by using unforgettable drone photography and videography. Our editing packages offer unique solutions for capturing remarkable events.

Aerial photograph of an Outdoor Wedding Altar in long island, new york

All in One Aerial Service

From proposals to engagement photos to weddings, our aerial imagery stands out to offer the complete all-in-one package.

man proposing to a woman on a dock in long island, new york

Custom Designed Experience

Aerial imagery is custom designed to fit the needs of each couple. From the beginning to the end, Garsilli Drone works tirelessly to make your proposal, engagement, and wedding experience perfect.

Drone Photography for Proposals

Garsilli Drone provides unique services for proposals. Those who are interested in proposing to their partner want to document their special moment but intend to keep it a surprise. Proposal shoots can often appear to be staged and forced, but using our specially equipped drone, Garsilli can capture 4K photos and videos while hidden thousands of feet away. It is imperative that the photographer is not detected during the shoot and our drone operators ensure that your proposal will remain a surprise! 

Garsilli Drone's work starts far before the day of the proposal. Garsilli meets with the client and discusses the logistics, working closely with them to make this experience as special as possible. Garsilli then starts with a site visit and pre-proposal flight. Garsilli scopes out the area looking for the best aerial perspectives and captures stunning visuals of the proposal location.

Garsilli captures full video and photos of the entirety of the moments leading up to and during the proposal. After the proposal, our pilot works with the couple to take pictures of them together and provides them with the best shots from unique perspectives. Garsilli will provide the couple with edited photos and a video of the proposal.


Garsilli works with couples to capture proposal photos in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Capture important memories from a bird's eye view and allow Garsilli Drone to showcase your special moment.

Engagement Aerial Photography

After memorializing your proposal, Garsilli Drone takes pride in helping couples along every step of their journey. We offer engagement photography and videography services to provide any couple with meaningful pre-wedding memories. Using engagement photos for wedding invitations is an amazing way to welcome loved ones and friends to celebrate your special event. Choosing an engagement photographer can be difficult, but Garsilli makes the decision simple by taking the shoot to the air and capturing stunning, memories every time.

Our process always begins by working with every couple closely to get a feel for their chemistry. We custom tailor every engagement shoot and provide stunning candids, portraits, and formal poses based on the needs of each couple and their desired photography style.


By using a drone to capture images rather than traditional cameras, we can always get the perfect shot from every angle. We can truly capture the couple and accentuate the beautiful scenery that surrounds them, helping to convey the perfect engagement shots. Although traditional engagement photography is constrained by two dimensions, using drones allows Garsilli to capture shots from any angle and access locations that normal engagement photographers can't.

After the shoot, Garsilli works with the couple to select their favorite photos from the shoot. We then edit these photos custom for each engagement shoot. We specialize in providing couples in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut engagement photos that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Film your Wedding From the Sky

Our aerial videography and photography team specializes in capturing your outdoor wedding from an aerial perspective. Easily capture every exciting moment of your unforgettable event from a bird's eye view. On the big day, leave it to our pilots to film the entire wedding in crystal clear 4K photos and video. Savor each moment of the event and properly capture the scale of your wedding from an aerial view.

We use drones to create breathtaking cinematography for your wedding. We specialize in filming venues in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our drones are non-intrusive and can easily capture your special event from thousands of feet away. 

For a once in a lifetime event, it just makes sense to capture it from the most unique perspective possible. Drone wedding photography provides a level of service that no traditional wedding photographer could compete with. Garsilli Drone ensures that using our premier wedding drone photography and videography services will bring your wedding memories to the next level. Our innovative outdoor wedding shoots allow you to relive your special moment just like it was the day you said: "I do". 

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