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Aerial Seashore View of commercial real estate skyline for realtor

Set Your Listings Apart

Garsilli Drone specializes in drone photography and videography, which helps set your listings apart from the competition and drive sales. Our services capture any property from a bird’s eye view, showcasing outdoor spaces and amenities.

Drone photo of city skyline for a commercial real estate listing

Stunning Imagery

Our drones are outfitted with powerful 4K zoom and wide-angle cameras capable of capturing every aspect of your property.

 3D Tour, 360 Tour Residential Real Estate Walkthrough for Realtors by Garsilli Drone

3D Home Imaging

Garsilli also provides interior 3D walkthrough services. For the same price as a 2D shoot, we always provide a full 3D tour along with 4K photos that will set your listing apart from the competition.

Drone photograph of a residential property for a realtor listing in long island, new york

Real Estate Listings

Learn how Garsilli Drone provides exceptional aerial photography and videography services for realtors and home buyers.

Residential Real Estate Listings

Residential real estate agents are increasingly using drones to gain a competitive edge over the market. In competitive markets, real estate listings are competing for views between potential home buyers. Real estate agents know that the more traffic that is driven to their open houses, the higher the chance there is for quality offers above the market rate. An investment of a few hundred dollars in high-quality real estate photography can help set listings apart and attract high-quality buyers. In New York, real estate markets are quickly adopting drone photography as many real estate agents see the benefits and the returns. 

Our professional drone operators provide expertly framed images, photos, video, and panoramas which help showcase unique aerial perspectives on any property. Our services help home buyers envision every square inch of their potential residential property from the sky. Yards and landscaping are often overlooked in traditional property photography, but with drone photography, these aspects help set listings apart and can act as a focal point of the shoot. 

Residential drone photography can be a perfect tool for real estate agents to convey the feel of a neighborhood to potential home buyers. Our drone services help show the property and its surrounding neighborhood from hundreds of feet in the air. Highlight beneficial aspects of the neighborhood in the shoot such as a property's close proximity to favorable amenities, shops & commercial areas, schools, parks, lakes, shorelines, and so much more. Neighborhood overviews help catch home buyers' eyes on Zillow, Redfin and sets high-quality listings apart from the pack.

Garsilli Drone is based in Suffolk County and specializes in photographing real estate in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Garsilli's drone operators are always FAA certified and hold a Part 107 license.

Aerial View of a Drone overlooking a winding road and forest for a realtor listing

Get in Touch

Contact Garsilli Drone to discuss your next aerial imagery project with us. Explore how aerial photography and videography can help streamline your operations, gather valuable visual data, and generate social media-ready marketing content from a bird's eye view.

Commercial Real Estate Listings

Commercial real estate agents often deal with big-ticket properties that are required to be sold on strict timelines. Expedited property turnaround times significantly benefit commercial realtors' clients and create loyal recurring customers. Realtors know that one of the most important aspects of a listing is its photos which first thing a potential buyer sees and can make or break a listing. Quality real estate photos attract more serious buyers and are proven to get properties sold faster.  

Garsilli works with commercial real estate realtors to showcase the top features of each property. Garsilli uses aerial photography to accentuate storefronts, pools, roofs, HVAC Systems, seating areas, decks, landscaping, and other key outdoor features of any commercial property. In addition to highlighting beneficial property features, our photography packages include a neighborhood view that showcases the benefits of the area surrounding the property. Showcase local communities, high-traffic roads, tourist features, and other aspects of the neighborhood which will drive customers to the commercial property.

Garsilli Drone also provides video packages that are perfect for showcasing any commercial property. Our 4K aerial video packages provide realtors with an edited video of their listings from unique perspectives. Give property buyers an immersive experience and generate more interest in any property by standing out from the competition.

Garsilli Drone is based in Suffolk County and specializes in photographing real estate in Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Garsilli's drone operators are always FAA certified and hold a Part 107 license.

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