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Aerial drone photo during residential roof inspection in long island, new york

Detect Leaks Early

Even though your roof might look fine, drone scans are used in order to detect minor leaks before they become a problem. Identifying a small leak can save tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Photo of house during roof scan in long island, new york

Identify Invisible Leaks

Pinpoint roof leaks with infrared drone imaging. Potential leaks that are invisible to the naked eye can easily be identified by using aerial infrared scans. These potentially harmful leaks can be corrected quickly before they become an issue.

Photo of mold detected during thermal moisture scan in long island, new york

Safeguard Against Mold

Roof leaks can become major headaches for homeowners. Harmful rot and mold can grow in compromised roofs. Stop mold growth before it becomes dangerous by identifying moisture infiltration in your roof. Drone scans stop roof rot dead in its tracks by quickly identifying areas of potential concern in any roof.

Aerial drone view during roof inspection for leaks in Long Island, New York

Roof Scans & Leak Detection

Learn more about how to safeguard your home using aerial roof scans.

Detect Roof Moisture Infiltration

Oftentimes, homeowners are unaware of water infiltration within their roof until it's too late. Water can infiltrate roofs through cracks, missing shingles, faulty flashing, and damaged ridges. Shingles can withstand some water, but often succumb to significant water pressure. Roofs that are poorly sealed may have decreased waterproofing abilities and can allow water to infiltrate deep into the structure.


Small cracks and gaps in roofs and facades may not cause much of an issue initially and can be extremely hard to detect. As water infiltrates these cracks and the seasons change, water freezes and thaws, expanding cracks and propagating them even further. This can be a massive issue in the northeast and states such as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut where freezing and thawing cycles occur frequently throughout the winter. Severe thermal gaps in roofs can also cause condensation within the roof, and during the freeze-thaw cycles can propagate massive damage and water infiltration.

When water infiltrates through the roof it can cause damaging rot which can wear away at and damage wooden roof joists, potentially jeopardizing the structural integrity of homes. Once water infiltrates through the roof into the interior of the house, water can pool up and spread throughout the rest of the structure. This accumulation of water can cause harmful mold to grow throughout your home which can cause allergic responses, asthma attacks, and lung harm. Mold thrives in damp conditions which is why it is extremely important to quickly identify faulty roofs which allow moisture to infiltrate into your home.

While it's oftentimes difficult to identify moisture infiltration using the naked eye, it can be easily identified with thermal aerial imaging. Using drones paired with infrared technology, roofs can easily be scanned for moisture infiltration, thermal breaks, and potential damage. Aerial drone services facilitate early detection of roof damage which can be easily and cheaply repaired when compared to major roof rehabilitation or replacement.


Rooftop scans often save homeowners tens of thousands of dollars down the road by identifying problems preemptively. Drones provide a cost-efficient, fast and safer rooftop imaging alternative than traditional methods. Easily assess your roof's condition with aerial thermography and spot water damage, heat leakage, and other issues. 

Safeguard Your Home, Business, and Commercial Properties

Early leak detection is proven time and time again to safeguard homes and businesses from catastrophic leaks. Pinpointing the problem early gives homeowners time to react to the damage and develop the most effective roof repair plan.

For homeowners and businesses with existing leaks infiltrating their properties, Garsilli thoroughly discusses where leaks are breaching the interior of the structure. By identifying interior moisture infiltration locations, the Garsilli Drone team can extrapolate leak locations that are currently present within the interior of the structure to the exterior. From there, Garsilli develops a flight plan optimized for the specific leak location. Garsilli's pilots will recognize potential leak locations and increase their photo density in areas with elevated damage probability. In addition, Garsilli's pilots will conduct a comprehensive scan of the entirety of the roof in order to pinpoint other leak locations or areas retaining elevated moisture levels. Garsilli also provides the option to scan the facade of the property, which can reveal thermal gaps, leakage points and possible moisture infiltration into the commercial or residential structure.

For real estate owners with no known existing leaks, Garsilli provides an in-depth aerial scan of their home's roof. Garsilli uses powerful thermal technology to hone in on potential leak locations. After executing the roof scan, Garsilli generates a comprehensive report which outlines the images collected during the scan and locations where moisture could potentially be present within the roof. Garsilli specializes in providing thermal drone services for commercial and residential real estate in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Using Garsilli helps provide real estate owners with up-to-date aerial imagery of their properties. Garsilli's aerial services help empower property owners with the data needed to make educated decisions about potential moisture infiltration, and thermal gaps which can lead to roof repairs, and roof replacement. Roofers will oftentimes push for full roof replacements, which can prove to be costly and an unnecessary waste of money. Pinpointing leak locations will allow homeowners to direct their roofers to repair specific locations, saving thousands on expensive roof replacements.   

Aerial photograph of rooftops in long island, new york

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