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Garsilli Drone strives to provide effective aerial services in a wide range of industries. Learn how our services apply to your industry.

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Leverage a wide array of powerful drone services for your next project. Learn more about how our services help you work smarter in competitive markets.

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Drone Services For Every Industry

Garsilli Drone provides quality drone photography and videography services for every industry. While Garsilli has capabilities of providing drone services for every industry, our main clients include residential and commercial realtors, real estate professionals, property managers, contractors, engineers, architects, insurance agencies, private investigators, property owners, wedding professionals, and couples interested in wedding, proposal and engagement services. Based in Long Island, Garsilli strives to custom-tailor its drone services to provide professional drone photography and videography in Nassau and Suffolk County, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Drone Photo and Video Services for Contractors

Garsilli services the construction industry primarily in New York and Long Island, providing aerial marketing services for contractors. Garsilli captures construction operations alongside contractors, generating cost-effective social media and website-ready marketing material for contractors. Garsilli works with general contractors, masons, landscapers, utility contractors, steel erectors, concrete contractors, flatwork contractors, roofers, carpenters, and many more. Garsilli Drone also provides powerful drone construction progress photo services to contractors in Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Garsilli works alongside contractors, capturing the state of their construction sites during regular intervals without impacting construction. Drone photography for construction progress photos provide useful aerial views of construction operations and allow owners, stakeholders, and management to accurately assess the progress of any construction site.

Drone Services for Real Estate Property Managers and Developers

We partner with real estate professionals like property managers and property developers in order to provide drone photo and video services for residential and commercial properties. Garsilli leverages its drone's capabilities in order to access hard-to-reach areas during drone property inspections, and capture crystal clear 4K aerial photos and video of property conditions. Drone use for inspections takes humans out of harm's risk by eliminating the need to scale facades and roofs in order to inspect them. A drone operator can remain safely on the ground and get the same accurate data in a fraction of the time. Garsilli also specializes in aerial marketing for properties in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and is experienced in working with owners and managers to bring the best out of their properties. After a thorough flight, Garsilli Drone generates custom-edited drone photos and videos for residential and commercial real estate properties that are ready to be posted to websites or social media.

Drone Services for Realtors

Residential real estate agents are increasingly using drones to gain a competitive edge over the market. In competitive markets, real estate listings are competing for views between potential home buyers. Real estate agents know that the more traffic that is driven to their open houses, the higher the chance there is for quality offers above the market rate. Our professional drone operators provide expertly framed images, photos, video, and panoramas which help showcase unique aerial perspectives on any property. Our services help home buyers envision every square inch of their potential residential property from the sky. In New York, real estate markets are quickly adopting drone photography as many real estate agents see the benefits and the returns.

Garsilli works with commercial real estate realtors to showcase the top features of each property. Garsilli uses aerial photography to accentuate exteriors, storefronts, pools, roofs, HVAC Systems, seating areas, decks, landscaping, and other key outdoor features of any commercial property. Showcase local communities, high-traffic roads, tourist features, and other aspects of the neighborhood which will drive customers to the commercial property. Garsilli Drone also provides drone video packages that are perfect for elevating commercial real estate listings. Our 4K aerial video packages provide realtors with an edited video of their listings from unique perspectives. Give property buyers an immersive experience and generate more interest in any property by standing out from the competition.

Thermal Roof Scans and Leak Detection Using Drones

​Early leak detection proves time and time again to safeguard homes, businesses, and commercial & residential real estate from catastrophic leaks. Pinpointing the problem early with thermal imagery gives property owners time to react to the damage and develop the most effective roof repair plan.​ Garsilli's pilots will conduct a comprehensive scan of the entirety of the roof in order to pinpoint leak locations or areas retaining elevated moisture levels. After executing the roof scan, Garsilli generates a comprehensive report which outlines the images collected during the scan and locations where moisture could potentially be present within the roof.​ Garsilli's aerial infrared drone services empower homeowners with the data needed to make educated decisions about potential moisture infiltration, roof repairs, and roof replacement. Pinpointing leak locations will allow homeowners to direct their roofers to repair specific locations, saving thousands on expensive roof replacements. Garsilli Drone services roofs and facades in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with thermal scans, safeguarding residential and commercial properties from catastrophic leaks.

Capture Proposals, Engagements, and Weddings Using Drones 

​Capturing proposal photos has never been easier than with Garsilli Drone's specialized drone proposal shoots. Garsilli captures your proposal from a unique aerial perspective and allows couples to savor their special moment forever. Garsilli also provides additional pre-wedding services, such as engagement shoots, wedding invitation shoots, and save-the-date shoots. Garsilli works with every couple in order to capture the perfect photos and custom tailors their drone photography and videography for the couple's unique needs. For a once in a lifetime event, it just makes sense to capture it from the most unique perspective possible. Drone wedding photography provides a level of service that no traditional wedding photographer could compete with. Garsilli Drone ensures that using our premier wedding drone photography and videography services will bring your wedding memories to the next level. Garsilli Drone specializes in providing drone photography services to couples in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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